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Seaside Cottage & Quilts by Holly Wojahn


About the Puzzle:
Visit the cottage by the sea, where the sailboats glide by as the lighthouse looks on. For this puzzle, artist Holly Wojahn creates a pleasant and colorful scene of daily seaside life. The vibrancy of the quilts is matched by the pageantry of the flowers, birds, and cottages. In this painting, the beautiful quilts are original designs created by her childhood friend, Karen Walker, which can be found on Instagram @laughyourselfintostitches.

Feel the sea breeze.

About the Artist:
Holly Wojahn’s charmed life in France has infused her work with bursts of color, animation, and “Joie de Vivre”. “My job as an artist is to depict places and things as they feel to me; reimagined to include over the top color and detail.“ Holly is commonly categorized as an “Intimist” based on the cropping of her paintings which draws a viewer in, creating an intimate relationship between artist and viewer.

Puzzle Details
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Finished Puzzle Size: 19.25"x26.625"
High-quality 69 pt chipboard
Random-cut puzzle pieces 
Made in USA
Recommended Age: 13+ Years


Estimated shipping within 4-6 days upon order

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