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The Best Fundraiser Weve Had!

Our school’s PTA used Lucky Puzzles for our annual fundraiser, and it was a hit! The kids loved the colorful designs, and parents were impressed with the educational aspect. We raised more than ever before, and the process was so smooth. A big thumbs up from us!" - Janet M., PTA President, Oakridge Elementary

Lucky Puzzles Fundraising Voted Best

  1. 50% Profit on Every Sale: Maximize your fundraising with a generous profit margin.
  2. Eco-Friendly Products: Our puzzles are made with sustainable materials, ensuring an environmentally conscious choice.
  3. All Ages Appeal: Engaging designs that captivate puzzle enthusiasts from 10 to 100.
  4. Easy to Start: Free sign-up with no upfront costs. Begin your fundraising journey effortlessly.
  5. Exceptional Support: Dedicated customer service to guide you through every step of your fundraiser.
  6. Educational and Fun: Puzzles are not just entertaining; they're great for cognitive development and team-building.
  7. Unique and Exclusive Designs: Stand out with our artistically crafted puzzles, available only through our program.
  8. Fast and Reliable Shipping: Timely delivery to ensure your fundraising stays on schedule.

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At Lucky Puzzles, we blend the art of puzzling with a mission to make a difference. Our eco-friendly jigsaw puzzles, crafted with care and creativity, offer not just a delightful challenge but also a unique way to bring people together. From vibrant, exclusive designs to our commitment to sustainability, each puzzle is a piece of art, fostering community connections and memorable experiences. Whether for cozy family evenings or meaningful fundraising events, Lucky Puzzles is dedicated to adding a touch of joy and a whole lot of fun to every occasion.