A Family Affair
Our four families living in four different time zones came together this year to create a new company, Lucky Puzzles. A passion for art that has been a part of our respective family trees led us to this moment. We have a deep respect for the artistic process, which leads us to our mission to share and celebrate the wonders of art through puzzles.

The creation of the company has indeed been a family affair. Our talented children work on designing our website, producing our product photography, and contribute to our social media content. We all enjoy the exchange of ideas on which artists we should collaborate with next. 

Creating Memories
We believe that puzzling is a great way to engage your mind and be entertained at the same time. For us, we have looked to make the most of what has been a challenging year by having family puzzle nights.

These have become special moments in our lives. In the future, we feel puzzles as an activity can become a daily ritual for more families. 

Local Artists
We strive to partner with a diverse range of local artists from around the world. The art we represent spans from the traditional to the contemporary, in an effort to create a brand that is truly accessible for all types of puzzlers. 

We Tell Stories
Our collective professional backgrounds, creating engaging brand stories and customer experiences for brands such as Nike, Sony, and Condé Nast, allowed us to see opportunities within the existing puzzler community that we could enhance.

By combining our respective expertise, we hope to invite new audiences into the world of puzzling and, in turn, create a greater awareness of artists from around the world. 

Get Lucky

Each leaf of our lucky four-leaf clover represents a core value of our brand—quality, imagination, community, and fortune. Our mission is to bring a piece of luck to every puzzler around the world. Find your piece.