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What's Included in Your Sales Supply Kit?

Our comprehensive sales supply kit is designed to provide you with everything necessary for a smooth and effective fundraiser. Here's what you can expect:

  • Colorful Brochures: Packed with vibrant images and details of our unique puzzles, these brochures are sure to catch the eye and spark interest.
  • Order Forms: Easy-to-use forms for hassle-free order taking and tracking.
  • Chairperson's Checklist: A detailed guide to help you organize and manage your fundraiser efficiently.
  • Master Order Form: For submitting your final orders in an organized manner.
  • Additional Resources: Tips and strategies for maximizing sales, engaging your community, and making your fundraiser a resounding success.
Timely Delivery for Seamless Planning

We understand the importance of planning and timing in fundraising. Please note that it typically takes 5-7 business days for your supplies to arrive. This allows you ample time to distribute materials to your team and start your fundraising campaign.

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