Mastering the Art of Handling Fundraising Money

Mastering the Art of Handling Fundraising Money

Fundraising events are essential for supporting various initiatives, but handling the money collected from these events requires careful planning and execution. Proper management of fundraising money is crucial to ensure transparency, accountability, and financial success. Here are some key strategies for handling fundraising money effectively:

1. Establish Clear Accounting Procedures

Establishing clear accounting procedures is the foundation of proper money management in fundraising. Create detailed guidelines outlining how funds will be collected, recorded, and disbursed. Assign responsibilities to designated individuals or committees responsible for managing different aspects of the fundraising finances.

As highlighted in our blog post on "Why It Is Important to Track Your School Fundraising Sales: Maximizing Success", maintaining accurate records of fundraising sales and expenses is essential for financial transparency and accountability.

2. Secure and Document Funds

Ensure that all funds collected during fundraising events are promptly secured and documented. Use lockable cash boxes or electronic payment systems to securely store cash and checks. Maintain detailed records of all donations, including donor information, donation amounts, and payment methods.

Referencing our blog post on "How School Fundraiser Start Dates Affect Profitability: Timing Is Everything", timely documentation and secure handling of funds are critical for maintaining financial integrity throughout the fundraising process.

3. Separate Funds for Different Purposes

To avoid confusion and ensure transparency, it's essential to separate funds collected for different purposes. Create separate accounts or sub-accounts for each fundraising event or initiative. Clearly label these accounts and ensure that funds are allocated and used according to their intended purpose.

4. Implement Checks and Balances

Implement checks and balances to prevent errors, fraud, or misuse of funds. Assign multiple individuals to oversee different aspects of the fundraising finances, including collecting donations, reconciling accounts, and approving expenses. Conduct regular audits and reviews to ensure compliance with established procedures and identify any discrepancies.


Properly handling fundraising money is essential for the success and integrity of any fundraising effort. By establishing clear accounting procedures, securing and documenting funds, separating funds for different purposes, and implementing checks and balances, organizations can ensure transparency, accountability, and financial success in their fundraising endeavors. Incorporate these strategies into your fundraising practices to effectively manage and maximize the impact of your fundraising money

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